about us

Hello and welcome to the weirdbutamazing website, of course, I wanted to create this page in order to make a full definition about this site, which provides a lot of important 
information that people need in their daily lives, I have thought a lot before creating this very important site, and I said to myself what is  The useful thing that I can offer people
 through this site until I came up with a great idea that it is to provide cultural and social content that interests a lot of people.

 Information about the site owner

The owner of the site that provides the content is Abdennour Belhouchat.

 I am 27 years old I live in Algeria I was born in the city of Batna and the owner of a freelance profession, I founded the weirdbutamazing website in the year 2020.

Information about this site 

The site is divided into several sections, namely: 

Women:  In this section, we talk &bout everything that matters to a woman, her beauty, her relationships with her life partner, or things that concern women in general.

  Perspectives: This section has a relationship with the women’s section, but we talk about different topics about people’s relationships with each other and cultural issues as well.

Health:  Health department contains some preventive healthy institutions coming from reliable sources and true information about diseases around the globe.

weird: A section related to strange phenomena that have occurred all over the world, whether they happen to people as individuals or as a group of people.

In this site, we respect the copyrights and do not copy or steal threads from other site, All of our topics are written by our owe effort, so we hope that our copyrights are respected and no one will copy or quote from our site until you have requested permission.