The mysterious incident that maddened scientists and has no explanation (the Dyatalov Pass)

the Dyatalov Pass
the Dyatalov Pass

At the end of the fifties and the beginning of the sixties, specifically in the year 1959, one of the strangest incidents occurred in Russia, which remains to this day a mystery that has no solution any over 60 years ago,

and the reason why this accident is a mysterious mystery is because of the way in which this incident happened I will give you the interesting story of this incident and why it is a confusing puzzle and it has no logical and scientific explanation.

The events of the Dyatalov Pass

In 1959 a group of young men, who are Russian students, decided to take an adventure in the Russian Ural Mountains and the adventure was a ski trip and took all precautions and took with them all the tools and food they needed,

and when they arrived at the place, a member of the group decided, Yuri Yuden, decided to return Home because he is sick and he could not continue the journey with them,

and this young man was one of the luckiest in the world and you will know the reason shortly.

He completed their way to a ski trip and actually erected tents when they arrived and the story ends here. As for the story that begins is a terrifying story and blood stops in the veins for those who discover what happened,

what happened is that a group of friends who were only aiming for a ski trip a normal journey died in an ugly and mysterious way no one knew anything about them, and their death, after the collapse of the Soviet Union,

then discovered a highly classified file, this file shocked investigators when they found it.

What happened to these young people that were found dead l in a strange situation, five of them froze until they died and found near their tent.

The remaining four bodies were the most terrifying, as the head was crushed, as if it was struck with a steel hammer , the other corpses were discovered without the tongue it was cut off and their eyes were removed

and part of their lips were removed and some other parts were removed and they found a woman’s body apparently from her analysis as if she had been exposed to a very high temperature Because it bears traces of strange burns,

the closest thing to explaining that it is burns with radioactive materials and the last corpse when it was dissected, they discovered that its ribs were broken, as if a train hit it, or as if it fell from the Burj Khalifa,

and its ribs were broken in several positions and the strange thing, despite the ribs being broken, is that there is no fear on the skin or even a wound Small or even bruised so how did these ribs break?

This matter was a mystery, this file actually left a shock among the Russian people and also among the Russian investigators. The story was also famous for the Dyatalov Pass and Dyatalov is the name of the young man who was the leader of this group of young skiers.

When the investigators began to excavate the secret of this horrific crime, they concluded that the youth escaped from their tent in the middle of the night and the freezing temperature, in 30 below zero degrees , and all in

fear and terror of something unknown and without even skiing tools or skis that are used for walking on snow and without even warm coats and some of them One individual wore only one shoe and some wore only socks.

This was very confusing to the investigators, and when a corpse was dissected and analyzed, it was found that there were high levels of radiation. The chief investigator in this file, Lev Ivanov, said in a report

published that he had investigated himself and the device was making a very loud sound as if I In the reactor we intend to finally complete the investigation with these results.

The tent in which the students were torn from the inside, not from the outside, and their death incident occurred 6 to 8 hours after the last meal they ate and the cause of death mentioned in the final report is freezing

because there were no signs of other people in the same place or near the place that occurred There is the incident, and in the end the incident of the Diavalov Pass, no one survived because of these conclusions.

The investigators and the doctors were puzzled by the fact that there was no definite defendant on the killer or the cause of death, although they said it was due to the freezing so they concluded with one conclusion that in this

report in 1959 That the nine students died due to a force majeure unknown in this word, and that the file is a very secretive phrase, especially after one of the doctors mentioned that the fatal injuries of the three bodies could

never be caused by another person because the force of the strikes was very strong even more than the power of man and did not become copies This story is available only in the nineties of the twentieth century, that is, after

the collapse of the Soviet Union, and after more than 60 years have passed since this incident, is still a mysterious mystery that no one has been able to break its secrets and the reason is the strange situation T and found those

bodies in them there is no one on that mountain except those nine students who killed them and how did they kill them? Some have attempted to explain this incident with some hypotheses

The first hypothesis

is that some have said that the cause of their death is one of the tribes in Russia, the first hypothesis that investigators thought of, perhaps one of the tribes who live in the neighborhood is the one who carried out this crime

and this tribe is called Mansi and they are the original inhabitants (to Okruk Khanti must search for the name) and live In that region, for thousands of years, investigators thought that the students might have

slipped the road because of the storm and ended up on the mountain called the Mountain of Death, so they decided to camp there.


The storm would calm down, but without knowing they entered a clan area or a Manasseh people, so they were attacked by members of a tribe. Mansi, but for several reasons this hypothesis is wrong and the first evidence that

this hypothesis is wrong is that there are no traces of any person on that mountain except the effects of the nine students only Add to this that the members of the Mansi tribe are known to them that they are friendly with

strangers and are not enemies with strangers in addition To the absence of any evidence that there was a fight or fighting and the things that were in the tents were as they were not scattered and also the tent was not torn

from the outside as it was supposed to be but it was mm A plaster of the interior

The second hypothesis

It is the infrasound is the simplicity of sound waves whose frequency is very weak and the human ear cannot hear it because the human hearing power is between 20 to 20 thousand hertz but there are animals that can

hear this weak frequency and they are animals that can recognize for example storms earthquakes and such things, Investigators assumed that the wind had a strange effect called the effect of Dumat Carmen on

the streets and this effect created sub-waves that caused students to panic and panic and caused them a mental and physical disorder that caused them to flee from their place in a hysterical state without even knowing where to flee and without even clothes.

The third hypothesis

says that these students were killed by the Soviet Intelligence and the reason is that they broke into a military testing area or a region in which secret experiments are created just like the region 51 area, and some say

that they may have witnessed some of these experiences and therefore the Russian or Soviet intelligence services should have disposed of them with what The mission was done by the intelligence services, so it will be of

the highest degree of professionalism and accuracy to the point that they will not leave any trace of the crime. One of the exciting things that may support this hypothesis is that most of the evidence and papers of this file

disappeared during the eighties in a suspicious manner and here some support this hypothesis that the Soviet Intelligence It was they who eliminated them in this strange way, and this is the story of the Dyatalov Pass.


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