2 Strange phenomena that have no explanation

2 Strange phenomena that have no explanation
2 Strange phenomena

There are strange noises that still exist in the world without any scientific or logical explanation, and this topic will be really an interesting topic because of its astonishment and strangeness and some of them will make

your brain freeze from the intensity of thinking about it, really it’s stories worth reading

The Phenomenon of The Faces of The Belmes in the Spanish Village of Belmes

The first phenomenon which is the phenomenon of the faces of Bilms and this phenomenon is very scary, of course, this phenomenon is considered one of the most famous phenomena in the world which has no explanation

and even scientists could not provide any logical explanation for the phenomenon of the faces of Belkes, The story takes place in a Spanish village and this village is called Bilms it has a small house owned by a lady

named Maria Kumas, Maria lives in this house with her family This small house is very old and dates back to the 1930s, where it is said that this house was built to save a church before the church was built there was that

land on which it was built belonged to Muslims who had abandoned Andalucia in earlier periods.

In 1971, while Mrs. Maria was preparing a meal, she took her head down. I saw him face a human on the floor was the picture that Maria saw belonging to a small child named Baava, and these faces aroused the horror

of Maria and her family and also all the inhabitants of the area and they thought that there is a group of evil spirits inhabiting the family house especially that the house was built on the rescue of a church as I said,

the husband of Maria removed the concrete base on which those faces appeared and when her husband replaced the floor with a new floor increased the strangeness of the puzzle did not pass long until the face of

that child to appear on The floor again, and this time did not show the face of that child alone but appeared with him several other human faces, really it is a sight that stops blood in the veins, there were faces of adult people,

including what children until the kitchen floor and walls became full of faces and what made it scarier than it seemed at the beginning and strange in those faces that it was clear features of sadness and anger,

but the great shock was when Maria’s husband dug the kitchen floor to find out the secret behind the appearance of those faces, already, They dug about 3 meters and what they discovered was two decapitated bodies under

the kitchen when they analyzed those bodies, confirming that they were the 13th century.

Many hypotheses emerged about this strange phenomenon where it was said that the faces were merely the result of chemical factors affected by the light reflected on that chemical type as spread in the village a hypothesis

based on the fact that the human soul is affected by all the natural phenomena surrounding it and reflected in the form of drawings showing the psychological state of the person and in some research was recorded

voices from the kitchen were recorded surprise several voices trying to distress but the owners of that hypothesis say that all those sounds and faces will disappear immediately after maria leaves the house or dies.

Several years later, in 2004, God appreciated the death of Mrs. Maria at the age of 85, but people who believed that this phenomenon would disappear immediately after Maria’s death or her departure from the house were

surprised that this taher is still going on and there are still many details and events about this story.

The phenomenon of Flight 370, the missing Malaysian plane

I think you all know the missing Malaysian plane and all of you heard in the news about this incident, this incident is the most mysterious flight in recent history without being solved to date.

The incident occurred on March 8, 2014, when the flight was bound for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur with 239 people on board, but communication with the plane was lost at around 2:00 a.m., about 3 hours after the flight

was launched and disappeared like a mirage before arriving in China in the strangest case of disappearance.

The search for this plane began quickly and the search was conducted by 42 ships and 39 aircraft from around the world, but no trace of the fuselage was found as if it had disappeared from the planet once and for all.

Many hypotheses began to come out to the media to try to explain the disappearance of the plane, and some said that the cause is an explosion that destroyed the plane completely and another hypothesis said that

the pilot committed suicide, and some said that the plane was hit by a missile, but all remained just hypotheses without any scientific and logical evidence because the plane disappeared and disappeared with the black box,

it has to the plane madame that everything disappeared with it will remain a permanent mystery without any explanation and what is mud is that in the weather that the plane was exposed was moderate and normal There

were no storms and there was no distress signal coming from the plane for any malfunction when it disappeared from radar screens.

What is even more strange is that after more than four years no one has been able to find the crash of this plane and so until 2020 this plane still is hidden and only God knows where it is?


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