Who are the Zuhriyis, half a person and half a jinn

Who are the Zuhriyis, half a person and half a jinn?
Who are the Zuhriyis, half a person and half a jinn?

There are strange people around the world who are weird or have strange qualities, these amazing qualities that they possess have made them in danger and these people have a name that has a strange meaning,

a strange but true meaning and these people are called Al-Zuhriyans.

In the continent of Africa and exactly in Morocco, there are some people in the state of Morocco these people are unique, unique for not ordinary people but for magicians and sorcerers, this type of people is called syphilis

or syphilis in this matter, God willing, you will know everything about these people And they are Al-Zouhriyans.

Who are the pink people

The flower person is a small child and he is ten years old or less, and the word pink is derived from the word flower, which means Moroccan dialect for good luck, and it was also said that the word came from

the book of the essence of this book established by the Israeli rabbi Shimon ibn Yohai, which is considered one of the most important of the Jewish kabbala books And there is another explanation that says that the origin of

the word Zuhair is derived from Planet Al-Zuhra or even in English. However, no one is sure of the exact source of this word.

And there are sayings about the human being who says that a human person is a person who opens all doors to him, and anything, even if it is difficult, becomes easy for him.

The sorcerers say that the child is a very lucky child and even brings luck wherever he goes just like the king who turns everything he touches into He went, and also he is a person who can enter the world of the jinn and

the jinn has relationships with him, and some magicians say that the flower child is basically a member of the jinn, but during childbirth, he was replaced by a member of the jinn.

It is also said that the flowering person is from a rare and blessed strain, the members of this strain are those who are chosen to be lucky people and are a link between the world of the jinn and the world of mankind,

and for this reason, the flower child is considered a rare and very valuable thing for magicians and charlatans and these charlatans are ready to do anything to obtain this child.

One of the magicians says: the child is the source of fortune because in it a jinn lives in his body, the child was born like any ordinary child, but when he grew up a little loved one of the jinn and wore his body on him,

the flower child is characterized by things that are not found in other people and that he has superpowers Including the ability to contact the underworld and communicate directly with the jinn,

and from them, he gets all that ability and strength.

What are the descriptions and features of pink flower

In fact, there are two of the most important signs in Al-Zuhri Child:   

The first sign is in the tongue and there is a longitudinal streak that splits the tongue into two halves from the beginning of the tongue to the end of the tongue.

What are the descriptions and features of pink flower

the Zuhriyis

On something, and he must not open his mouth to people and in particular to people, he does not know, and the reason is that in order for anyone not to notice that incision in his tongue if any person saw him and he was a sorcerer or a wizard, that person kidnapped that flowering child.

The second sign: It is the most famous, and it is a cross line in the palm of the hand, and it is one of the signs that distinguish the flowering person.

What are the descriptions and features of pink flower

the Zuhriyis

Families raise children who own this sign, provided that they do not open their hands to people they do not know, especially if there are charlatans or magicians. Because they kidnapped that child.

Of course, since there are many witches and sorcerers who believe that the blood of a flowering child is the key to finding treasures, and therefore they have formed gangs and mafia to kidnap these two children.

Othman’s story is the child Al-Zuhri who tried to kidnap him

I will tell you a story that is one of the hundreds of kidnapping stories that occurred in Morocco for Zouhri children, and this story is for a child called Othman, one of the kidnappings occurred in 2014 and the child was 6 years old in the city of Meknes.

The kidnapping happened in one of the popular neighborhoods, when he was The child Othman plays with his friends in the neighborhood suddenly, two people approached him,

Othman's story is the child Al-Zuhri who tried to kidnap him

Othman’s story

one of them grabbed the child’s hand and began to feel at the hands of the child and the other person put his hand on his head and started to mutter in words as if he was muttering magic talismans of some kind,

Othman’s story is the child Al-Zuhri who tried to kidnap him

Othman’s story

at that moment there was a woman watching what the two people do From afar with amazement, suddenly one of the two people grabbed the child’s hand and dragged him,

and that woman, who was watching what was happening, started shouting loudly, causing the two men to leave that child and flee.

Of course, the two magicians did not give up and went back to the same neighborhood, but this time with a different kidnapping plan, which was when the child was playing with his companions in the neighborhood as usual.


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