Why are people attracted to introverted Persons

Why are people attracted to introverted Persons

what is an introverted person like

 A question may come to your mind, which is why people are attracted to an introverted person, an introverted person is a loner all the time and loves to be with himself only and even if he is
with people he knows well and does not like the idea of meeting new friends or new people or mixing with  Others, but despite all this, there are many people who, once they get to know him,
love him very much love to approach him, disturb him with contacts, and are keen to meet him and to be in his life although he does not prefer that, so why does this happen? There are 5 reasons.

The reasons people love introverted person 


Because he is honest

Meaning that he is a source of confidence, meaning that the introverted person when you talk to him, you can talk to him and you are very comfortable and you can tell him anything you want 
and you are absolutely sure that he will not transfer your secrets and will not tell others what you say to him, why?  Because he basically does not like to talk with others, I mean you guarantee 
and feel that he is very honest and a source of confidence and that you can talk to him with ease without being afraid of anything and these are among the most important things that make you feel comfortable and love very much with him. 

He listens more than he talks An introverted person does

 not like to talk much but this makes him listen a lot. I mean if you talk to him, you will find him listening to you without interrupting you and without talking to you about his heroism and about himself
 and without trying to give you his opinion a lot. He just listens to you and when you find someone listening to you then you find that person  Interested in you even though the introvert maybe not 
interested in you but he loves to listen to you because he cannot speak or does not prefer to talk but this makes you feel that there is an interest towards you. 
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He is mysterious

 The advantage of a third that makes an introverted person attractive to our kind is that it is mysterious that people are trying to seek to discover it and that he does not talk much about himself, 
and since he moves as far as possible from others, people ask what this person hides, what is in his personality, what is there in his life
 or  That mystery surrounding him and makes people want to get closer to him in order to discover it and it is a challenge for them and extinguishes some excitement on the introverted person.

 He notes a lot

a lot about the words he will tell you besides that much thinking makes him notice many details about you that others did not notice about you.

 He is safe

The last feature in an introverted persona although it may be considered negative for some people, is that it is safe, and you should know that most people, when they wish to have a, long-term relationship,
 whether friendship, love, or whatever, they dictate our kind to the safe person or the person who has no risks  With him, in the sense that you feel that he will not leave you and feel that he does not
 recognize new people and feel that there are no tired activities in his life, but on the other side, this safety in which the introverted person or this box that closes it on himself lives some people consider it boring, so they prefer  A fun person, an adventurous 
person, and someone who loves to rejuvenate or try new things.
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