The reasons why men ignore woman

The reasons why men ignore woman
The reasons why men ignore woman
Men rarely ignore women without reason, but there are reasons why men ignore women . I will give you a set of reasons that cause a man to ignore you, ignore your messages and ignore your
communications while you are through your relationship with a man you will know the reasons, why he ignores you even if he loves you.

  When does he ignore you? 

Not responding to his messages, it one of the most common reasons why a man ignores you. He is tired of not answering his calls, if he talks to you or speaks to you and always tries to communicate with
you while you do not respond to him even though you like him, you thought that you are playing a difficult role to reach here. You have t know that the longer you do not respond to him, the more he will lose contact with you and will start to withdraw from your life.

Excessive jealousy 

One of the common reasons a man ignores you is a jealousy man when you are jealous and feel there is someone in your life or when he feels there is a man hovering around you and you are
happy with that, he ignores you and withdraws a little and tries to completely disappear for some time of your life.

 To be busy 

It is one of the most common reasons why man ignores you. Unfortunately, most women do not understand it, and that is if a man is busy because his mentality is different from that of a
woman. A woman can do a range of work in no time but a man cannot, focuses on only one work and tries not to get others to be distracted, so when it gets busy with work, it ignores your messages. 

 Ignoring him 

He ignores you when he finds you ignoring him, I mean trying to treat you similarly. Some men when you ignore them they try to communicate with you more and know your conditions. On the
other side, there are men wherever you ignore them, ignore nick as well. 

Many of his problems 

Also, the man ignores you fore a strange reason, which is when he has problems. we men, of course, do not like to talk about our own problems so much when a certain problem occurs it is preferable
to be silent. If he talks about a problem, he talks to a person and he is confident that he will give him. As for the idea that a man talks about his problems just because of the conversation, we do not have the opposite of women.

Conflict or quarreling between you 

Also, the man follows the method of ignoring when feuds with you. when a very slight dispute occurs between you and him or you fight together, he ignores because he knows very well that ignoring
provokes you and he knows that he raises your anger.

His fear of rejecting him.

 The man ignores you when he is afraid of the idea of being rejected by you, especially at the beginning of the relationship when he likes you but he is afraid of the idea that you refuse him
and starts to ignore and move away a little, and usually happens on the ground, but on the chat, perhaps a large percentage will speak to you normally. 

Try to take control of the relationship 

The man ignores you when you try to impose something on him. The man naturally tends to be dominant in the relationship, but when he feels that the woman with him is trying to control
the relationship and impose certain things on him, he tries to start ignoring.  

 Your excessive interest in men 

One of the reasons that seem so strange to you that causes a man to ignore you is when you love him and care about him very excessively, meaning that you are 24 hours over 24 hours trying to
ask him and tell him how much you love him and you ask all the time, do you love me? do you think about me? what do you do? so this man suffocates you.

 Feeling that he is imposing himself on you 

The man ignores you when he feels that he is imposing himself on you, meaning that he trying to talk to you, and through the conversation, you try to make him stop and try to end
the conversation in any way with the passage of time the man will try to find a solution to this issue but if he finds that you are determined and finds that he imposes himself on you, he will start ignoring all of your messages.


And the last reason that a man can ignore you is when you leave him and after a while, you come back and ask about him and talk to him and try to get him back, in this case, the man is very natural
to ignore you. 


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