How to deal with an arrogant person and make him lose his mind

How to deal with an arrogant person and make him loose his mind
How to deal with an arrogant person and make him loose his mind

When you write to someone and he does not respond to you, this does not necessarily mean that he is a cocky person, rather it may mean that he did not see your message, or maybe he is busy or

plans to send you at a later time, or he has a lot of messages when someone talks and does not pay attention to you,  Or when you ask for anything from a certain person,  this does not mean that he is

also cocky and does not love you. Rather, he may mean that he is uncomfortable to you or uncomfortable with the command that you told him to do or does not just want to do that thing.

  Judge a person from one behavior or attitude towards him, or do not judge the person that he is arrogant and you do not know him on a personal level, because God wills  The arrogant r does a group of behaviors, not just one behavior,

and these behaviors will not be known to you if you know him personally, and an arrogant person is usually a person who possesses a narcissistic character in a very, very brief way.

  Do it, know that he is arrogant, then I share with you how to deal with him and how you can make him lose his mind if you want.

characteristics of an arrogant person Or definition of arrogance

characteristics of an arrogant person Or definition of arrogance

characteristics of an arrogant person Or definition of arrogance

 The arrogant person always exaggerates himself and always finds him praising himself imaginatively and madly and always finds him talking about himself and I mean he is only or everything centered around him only and cancels all the people around him for example if he goes to a trip with a group of people he does not talk to you about anyone except  Himself and always find him eliminates everyone and focuses on himself and also exaggerates everything related to him, I mean, if he does a simple act, you find him praising himself that he is wonderful and that he is smart and that he has no analogy.

One of the things that the arrogant person does is that he always shows his condescension to others, I mean, he is the one who looks at you from above to below and as if he is disgusted and then goes away, is the person who avoids touching you or peace be upon you  is the person who always tries to get away from you,
It is that person who does not like to talk a lot with you or see you
with a view of deficiency and as soon as you find him trying to show you that he is a person more than you or higher than you or the level in which he will never reach him.

 One of the things that the arrogant person does is that he is trying to make himself a hero in the stories of others, meaning that when you ask what happened when I was with so and so you will find him trying to show himself as the savior and the wonderful.

 One of the characteristics of the arrogant person is that he sees himself good in everything in the sense that you never hear from him a word I do not know or I do not know happened in everything you will find him knows about everything, and if you update him in a new piece of information he will tell you this information is old and he will not say  Thank you or I did not know that and also does not admit his error at all, so the arrogant person sees himself as perfect.

 Among his attributes also is that he seeks to be the number one, she will tell me we all strive to be one number, of course, we all strive for that but not in everything, the arrogant person you find assures you that he is the best in everything and everyone is bad.

 One of the characteristics of the arrogant is that he has all his actions and his entire life in order to obtain praise and praise from others, I mean, this is his only goal in this life and that others say about him you are wonderful and assure him that without him, their lives would have collapsed, I mean this is his focus in all his life.

 Another characteristic of an arrogant person is that it is rare to find him praising someone’s behavior or praising anyone as a good person or praising someone’s appearance, always insisting on diminishing others.

 How to deal with the arrogant person

 You have two options to deal with the arrogant person :

To avoid his evil in the sense that you praise him from time to time and agree with him, especially if he is from one of the
family or from close friends.

 To make him lose his senses

 How to make a proud person lose his senses

 The first thing that criticized him, criticized his appearance or criticized a behavior he had taken, which means that you tell him that the shirt he wears if he was in another color would have been good, or would you say to him what this inappropriate shirt is or criticize the behavior he took and tell him this behavior that I did is too naive or inappropriate,  Just criticizing him will cause him very big problems, because from his point of view he is an idealistic person and the most hated thing a hated person is to be criticized.

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