When is silence an in the indication of strength and granty ?

When is silence an in the indication of strength and granty ?

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Silence is among the things that make you character strong and attractive, and most importantly, it earns you great respect and surprised, you must know than silence is in itself words, are you niprised and you say how? I will tell you comes in this matter 

where silence is a great force more than words in itself and causes others to lose their senses and go mad in front of your silence:

  The 5 strongest cases make your silence strong

The first case

when there is a neurosis person hysterically emiscitel in front of you and says all the screaming in your face, and in this case, you are trying to understand what he wants to reach, knowing that you may respond to him in the same way, and this is 

very common, I’m fact, he’s screaming and anger in this way is that he wants you to do the same and respond in some way, and to defend yourself thus,

the more you defend yourself in this way, the more attacking your action and your position will cone weaker, the lest solution makes that happens in silence and I will guarantee you that if silence two things will happen:

The first of them

he will feel guilty, will? because you did not make a long reaction to become some level of dissatisfaction and that you did not use some method will him,

it is a rather despicable technique, you find that he is trying to apologize to you and begins to make the atmosphere a little pleasant.

The second

he will feel worthless in front of your silence, and that do you not care about him, bearing in mind the wey you shut up, because you how to remain silent and the features of you face seeming very

normal without exaggeration then you will inevitably
be confused at your disposal and calm down after that.

second case

when someone provokes you and tries to make fun of you, if you want, in you turn, to curb provocation and derision, you just home to content with silence and do not forget to look into his eyes directly for ten seconds,

as this crew will make him tense and feel after him, and often you will find that he has stopped provoking and ridicule you.


the third case

is when you find yourself in the discussion will someone who is trying to forcibly prove this point, while he does mot care about your opinion as it reduces your value, here you have to be silent

because of your silence, in this case, is strength, and  you should know that people like to prove their points of view, and when you find a person who is fanatic of this point of view, you will find

yourself discussing someone who rejects your idea or your opinion here, silence will make him feel too small to discuss it and  most importantly, you will notice his silence, too and he will try to bring

you back to the atmosphere of argument again, but this time he will listen to you better than before

the fourth case

is when you intend you with questions that you do not to answer and believe that they are personnel that the other party should not know them, whether this is on the ground or on the chat in this

case if someone asks you while you do not want to answer then you should be silent,  it would make the other side feel embarrassed and therefore would try to change the subject.

the fifth case

in which we conclude topic is that silence not will find yourself ending a conversation with someone on the ground or standing this is because of your hour not found what you are saying 

 do not try to invent words or complete the dialogue in order to continue the conversation, just why because at that moment you are often tense, you feel a great desire to prolong the dialogue with that person, and in this case, you can make mistakes in speaking by saying
stupid things, you must remain silent, as this will ensure that you have a close relationship with this person.

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