Things that end the relationship despite the ten and love

Things that end the relationship despite the ten and love
Things that end the relationship despite the ten and love
 It may happen to you or another person you know that he was in a strong relationship that lasted for a long time, but this relationship ended in separation despite the long ten and
although it has been a  relationship for many years, let me tell you a somewhat bad secret which is that it is not always the ten have an impact on the extent of the relationship  It will continue or will end,
what happens in that relationship is affecting, there are people whose relationship lasted for many years, but in the end, it ended why because there were things that happened in that
relationship and unfortunately they did not remedy it and in this matter, I will tell you things that end the relationship despite the ten long despite love. 

4 things that end the relationship 

Accumulation of problems

 In the sense that a problem occurs and then it is not solved, then a problem occurs, then it is not solved, then another problem occurs and then it is not solved, and so the problems persist and then 
they are not solved, a problem on a problem over a problem and the accumulation of problems, the man endures and the woman bears, the man tries to overtake and the woman tries to overtake  The man
 gives up and the woman also gives up, but the man and the woman find themselves unable to bear more and find that the most appropriate solution is separation, why because
these problems cause pain, and the most appropriate solution is that whenever a 
problem occurs between you and the other party, it must be solved immediately and not ignored at all. 

 A third-party entry into the relationship

 meaning that he is one of your friends or one of the people that you meet new who tries to spoil your relationship with the person you are with and pass on the words or perhaps invite you to the other 
person or perhaps the other person admired a certain person, when this happens the relationship will end whether it went between you  Years, months, or days when a third party enters into a relationship,
 the feeling is so painful that it cannot be tolerated, and if you tolerate it with that, you will continue to have very long meanings 
because you will continue to doubt the other party all the time.
Loss of freedom When you are in a relationship, but this relationship does not differ much from prison. You can never take your comfort 
in which you cannot get personal space.
 Here is the important thing. This may is not how you feel. You may be comfortable with you, but the other party may feel that he is imprisoned, so it must  You have to notice your behavior with him. 


By that, I mean that when you are in a relationship with a person and suddenly you find that person has become alone with him all the time and he does not prefer to go out with you and
he avoids 
you all the time and you do not know anything about him there is a vast difference between being isolated yourself and the personal space and the personal space is that taking an hour or  two or three 
hours without you but isolation for a long time makes you feel that he no longer cares about you.

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