Things a man does and The woman hates

Things a man does and The woman hates
Things a man does and The woman hates

There are a lot of things that a man does because he believes that the woman cares about and that she will really like, but in reality, all of these things are hated by women or girls and are not useful as we think.

The things that women hate

Man exaggerating his love for women

The first thing is the idea that a man tells the woman the whole time that he loves her, the man’s problem is that when he feels love towards the woman he expresses it all the time, all the time he tells you “I love you so much,

I miss you so much, you are so wonderful” I mean, you abound express your feelings for this woman and this is bad my friend, it is good that you tell her that you love her, but it is not good to tell her that you love her all the time, every hour or every minute, and it is also good to tell her that you love her at the moment she needs it , Choose the right time and

the right situation and do not tell her that randomly, and if you tell her repeatedly without any need, then The woman will feel that you are exaggerating, that you are hiding something, or that you are making a character other than yours.

The man abandons the woman at the wrong time

The second thing we do is believing to be right and in fact, it is very bad that when a woman is very angry or upset with something and you leave her thinking about it, for example,
you ask her what is wrong with you? Why are you upset? Why are you angry? She says to you, leave me alone, of course, do not leave her, on the contrary, hold on to her more at that moment, when she feels angry,

upset or worried, whether because of you or because she needs you next to her at that moment, but when she tells you “not now, let me talk now,” never leave her at that exact moment. She really wants you to stay with her.

The man exaggerates his jealousy about the woman

The third thing that we do is jealousy a lot, of course when you love a certain woman you are jealous over her, but to be jealous over her without reason and without any reason is stressful for her

and it will bother her a lot, of course, in the beginning, she may like the matter while she watches you trying to keep her away from you, but when you are trying to tighten her all the time, she will feel that

you suspect her and she will feel sick with suspicion and for this, you have to balance your jealousy over her in the sense that when a person appears in her life or when she is wearing inappropriate
clothes or when you do a certain behavior show her your jealousy At the same time, make her feel that you trust her.

The man boasts money in front of the woman

The fourth thing is that we are showing money, of course, the money will bring you the girl you want but only if the girl is

materialistic, but if the girl has a mind and has a personality and you want her for marriage then be sure that your money will not

matter to her at all, try to bring her To you with your personality, thinking, mind, heart, and not money, because there is someone who has more money than you.

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The man boasts his body in front of the woman

The fifth thing is that you think that you will bring a woman or girl to you with a graceful body or muscular body, of course, it is good to be graceful and have a harmonious body, but if you do not have
muscles then this will not make any difference and in the end the woman will never care about your shape, Another simple concern is your elegance, cleanliness and clean clothes.

A will for every man and woman

If the intentions of a man or a woman are based on the foundation that God pleases and loves (halal), God will bless the relationship between a man and a woman, but if the intentions are based on the
forbidden perspectives, the relationship between the man and the woman will not last for only a short period.

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