How to overcome mad love from one part in two different ways.

How to overcome mad love from one part in two different ways.
How to overcome mad love from one part in two different ways.
If you want to forget someone you love so much, this can require you to have a strong will and a very strong personality for it because it is not easy.

Sometimes it happens that you fall in love with someone and you find out that this person does not care or does not exchange the same feelings towards you, most likely because he has a personal life or 
he has specific characteristics for the person he admires and maybe you are not the right guy for him, thatʼs why he does not feel the same about you, or maybe he is in a relationship or something! 

 In the end, you find yourself in love with him from one part it means that love comes from your side, not his, so how to forget someone you love deeply?

How to dispose of love from one part

 If you knew that this love is going to end in a bad way and you will never be together you can shut it end all this in two different methods:

/you dispose of everything that reminds you of him 

You begin with deleting his phone number and all his social media accounts ( Facebook, Instagram) get rid of his pictures if you have any, and every idea you can develop of that person in your mind 

must be forgotten, this method can be difficult for you and it takes a long time to accomplish, eventually, you will forget him because if you stay away from him for a long time you will be able to adapt to his unexistence in your life.

2/Consider him as a normal person

 this method is way too complex but trusts me it works, this needs from you to have a huge will and to be confident. You have to leave everything as it is (Facebook, Instagram) but without contacting 

him and try to picture him as a normal person like everyone else and you have to convince yourself that you can win him and make him love you make him forget everyone but you have got to 

impose this thought on him and to be sure that this isnʼt a condition he must be yours only, then you will be happy with your relationship with or without him.

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