How to make your relationship with your fiance last forever

How to make your relationship with your fiance last forever
How to make your relationship with your fiance last forever
When you are in a relationship, whether it is an engagement relationship or a marriage relationship and you have a great desire to avoid separation with your fiancé and want to make your 
relationship with your fiancé last forever, then you only need to follow up with me for the latter because it will share with you a set of rules and things that you must respect in your relationship with 
 Your fiancée, and be sure that by following these rules, you’re relationship with your fiancé will work, God willing, regardless of the problems and obstacles.

Rules that make your fiance adore you forever


Your relationship with your fiance is more important than problems.

This rule you must respect and put it in your mind, which is that you relationship with your fiancée is the most important and, not what happens in the relationship is the most important in the sense 
that your relationship with your fiancée is always the forefront and it is always the priority, no matter what happens between us from the problems this does not mean that we let the problems affect  
Our relationship, or make our relationship end, but we must make our relationship affect the problems and make the problems end.

Settle yourself with your partner 

You must put it in your mind, which is to make sure that the settlement is not sacrificing, meaning that when a problem occurs between you and your fiancée, do not concede in order to solve that
 problem and do not sacrifice anything you want in order to satisfy that person, but always try to come up with a solution that satisfies you and satisfies him in order not to  You feel over time that you 
are stressed in that relationship because if you made a sacrifice and after the passage of time you found your fiancé did not appreciate it and did not sacrifice as you have sacrificed then you will feel bad 
and you will feel that you are the party who is inferred in the relationship. 
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Things that end the relationship despite the ten and love

One of the most important rules that make your relationship with your fiancé last is overriding, most people make a very fatal mistake and when a problem occurs with your fiancé, that problem 
affects you and you cannot forget it at all, you sit from time to time you remember the problem or wound that affected you and you say that it is not the right person  To me or my relationship with him is not good with him and so on, but you must forget the things that happened between you and live with your fiancée a new page and a new day and forget the painful past.

Do not try to change your partner by force

A rule also which is very important and can not be overlooked at all, and that and that you do not try at all to change that person and do not try to make him another person and do not try to play the 
role of the angel in his life because this will make him feel that you are the good in the relationship and that he is the villain and this will make him resist only  And it becomes worse than what you had
 to do and is to support him and, not change him, I feel that you accept him as it is but I feel that he will be much more separated if he changes and if he stops the wrong things that arise, I feel that 
you are with him whether he changed or not, then this moment only you will notice  That he is starting to change because he will feel guilty and that he really deserves to be changed  N for you and that you accept it even if it has not changed.

Avoid saying words that affect the relationship

One of the rules that you must put in your mind and in your life, in general, is that you never say a word that you do not want to be in your reality in the sense that you always avoid the word separation 
or a word we must separate or we must divorce or our relationship should end or we will not benefit each other  This talk, avoid it at all.
 Your problems with your fiancé remain only between you and your fiancé It is not to let your problems go out of your relationship with your fiancée, always keep other people away from your problems 
in your relationship, because with the passage of the time these problems will be solved but other people will not forget them and they will remind you of these problems “what happens between us is lost among us”.

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