how to forget someone you love deeply

how to forget someone you love deeply
how to forget someone you love deeply

In this topic, I am going to talk about something that seems to be strange for you and it is how to forget someone you love deeply but believe me,
it can be the thing that forbids you to forget the person who failed you and who caused you a lot of pain and so many problems, who maybe you loved madly,
and then slapped you so hard and knocked you down because you were too weak, and even if u broke up with him but he is still stuck in your head, why does this happen? why didnʼt you let him go? Even that he failed you.

how to get over someone you love

to forgive him on the mistakes that he has done with you

The particular reason is that you still hate him somehow and you canʼt forgive him for what he did to you, but youʼll have to remember that the only thing that can help you forget him is to

forgive him, I donʼt mean that you will have to call him and do that no! , it has to be between you and your consciousness you have to decide that you forgive him for all his mistakes knowing that your

never going back to him again, you can appeal to him as like you are still mad at what he did but importantly maintain forgiveness inside your heart and wish him the best to come, and when you do

that your soul will be free from the hatred that he caused you clearly, but if you are still angry with him you will never release him from your life.

To forgive yourself

Here is another thing you have to forgive yourself, most people when it comes to an end of a relationship the most torturing thing is confronting their selves with this sentence “how could I trust him”
“he never deserved me” thatʼs why you have to forgive yourself for your bad choices and decisions and stop torturing and blaming yourself and only then everything you have been through will be just from a past.

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