how to deal with provoking people

how to deal with provoking people
how to deal with provoking people
You must know my friend and that there is no person in the world who comes by himself very quickly and from the first meeting he insults you or treats you in a very disgusting way and you must 
know that every person insults you or offends you because of three things and, you can prevent him from insulting you at all, no matter how you think about it.

Things a person does before they insult you

The first thing the person who will insult you or the person who will offend you is doing that because he is testing your limits, the person who hit you now at the beginning was only cursing you and before he cursed you he was only insinuating and when he found 
that you have no limits he began to keep up  Degree by degree, the person who is talking to you and is offending you with very outspoken words or the person who is sending you bad pictures at 
all because at first he was only hinting and he was doing something very small  You allowed him and you showed him that you have no limits.

 The second thing that a person does before he insults you and causes you very depressing feelings is that he experiences your reaction, meaning that he offends you and says bad words to you or
 have a very bad situation and then monitors your reaction and tests is it a very normal reaction or there is no response  Your reaction is mild or very acceptable, so this makes him insult you more and 
more because he knows that you will not do any reaction. 

The third thing that others experience before they insult or offend you, which are your weaknesses, what are the things that actually weaken you? Or what things that really destroy you maybe that 
person is essentially your weakness, I mean, I know, for example, that you will never be able to get away from me and know that you love me so much and, therefore, No matter how insulting, 
and no matter how I lowered you, or whatever I misjudged you, you will still exist and I know that you absolutely do not like to speak with me in the Doe topic because it hurts you thus are 
causing you embarrassment and therefore I will talk to you in this matter in the sense of trying to reach your weaknesses, which you must hide.

What to do when someone insults you

You must be strict, meaning when he tries to offend you or insult you or say a bad word to you, you must be strict with that person and show him that you have limits that will not exceed them at all no matter what he tried.

 the second thing and he must make a very big problem in the sense that he is that person  He or she tries to insults you or someone who offends you, You must create a problem with him and you must 
reach with him to a stage where he feels that you are about to cut off your relationship with him in order to stop doing that. 

The third advice that I mentioned before is that it does not show your faults and most importantly treat it so that it does not exploit, Others are against you.


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