how do I know that someone loves me or How can someone love me

how do i know that someone loves me or How can someone love me

You may wonder sometimes, can someone love me or does someone love me, if there was someone that I can truly depend on, and you may have noticed sometimes that someone

is trying to be close to you or is doing his best to become your friend just say yes because this person is going to be around you most of the time and you really want to seize the chance and

keep him closer maybe because you feel comfortable with him but only if he does these things that am going to mention later. 

How do you know he is the right person for you?

The good treatment in cases of anger and listening to

The first thing is you realize that when he is angry he treats well that means he doesnʼt want you to feel upset, that is a sign for you it means that this person means you no harm and

trust me you want to keep him with you, and the second is listening if he listens to you and cares about what you say every time you talk to him, just hold on to him tight,

this person really appreciates you so much.

Your feelings matter to him most 

As an example for this: when you text him and he doesnʼt reply and later on he explains the reason for the delay means that he is good 
person because he cares about you and wants you to be in a good mood,

apologizing also is another way for him to express his love and care for you.

You are his first priority

 When you ask for a favor from him and he returns you the favor and he does that even when he has important things to do (gives you the priority) that means you are a big influence you affect his 

life in a big way, the same thing if he didnʼt return you the favor but then he feels guilty about it. You are his first priority.

 Thinking the same way about each other

 When you feel like you share the same thoughts with this person and he likes to talk to you for a long time that what it feels to share thoughts with him anyway, and when you do things for him he

always thanks you even if it was simple.

Excepts you despite your past

When someone knows your past very well and accepts it whether itʼs good or bad and still supports you and backs you up and helps you to leave it behind this is definitely your soulmate.

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