Do not tell the person you love these things in order not to hate you

Do not tell the person you love these things in order not to hate you
Do not tell the person you love these things in order not to hate you
One of the very funny things is that when you are connected to a person, you take your comfort in talking to him and that you tell him everything without feeling spontaneously, but you must know 
that although this is wonderful, it can spoil your relationship with that person. Why?  Because there are some things that hurt very, very much without feeling. Avoid telling them these things.

 You think of someone from his family

 The first thing you never tell that person is your real opinion about someone from his family, meaning that if you hate someone from his family, whether his father, mother, brother or sister, where was 
he avoided telling him this matter, why?  Because that person also loves his family, therefore, you hurt him with this, besides you embarrass him with this, besides he expects you to do that because 
you love him, you must also love his family and even if you hate him, he will expect you to bear them, therefore you hate someone from his family avoiding talking about him completely.

 You compare him to your ex

 The second thing is that you avoid comparing the person you are associated with now with the person you were associated with before, meaning that the person you are connected to now do not 
tell him that your ex-boyfriend was better than him in something even if he was motivated to test his jealousy or even if he was motivated  Anger Avoid saying this, why? Because this thing 
makes that person feel that you are still thinking about your ex-lover and that you think it would have been better if you returned to him.
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 Stalking his ex

 The third thing is not to tell him that you are watching his ex or his girlfriend. Why?  Because this will make him feel that you suspect him, besides that this will make him wonder, why do you do that 
“Don’t you trust me?”  Or what exactly are you looking for? That is why I want you to avoid telling him the idea that you are watching his ex.

 Don’t criticize its look and taste for gifts

 The last thing you should avoid is that you avoid telling him of his taste in gifts and its shape, meaning whatever gift he brought you, even if you don’t like it, or even if you hate it, you never tell him 
that. Why?  Because this matter hurts sure, I mean, if he brought you a gift and you don’t like it, thank him very much and show him that you appreciate what he did, and also never criticize his form. 
Tell him that he should improve his shape, but never tell him that his taste in clothes is bad or that his hairstyle is Not good, but tell him that in a better way, But that you talk about his form badly and directly, this will make him feel embarrassed or make him feel that you do not like him as he thought.


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